important issues on november 4th

I think that one of the most important issues is taxes. If Obama wins the election there are some things he would chane that McCain wouldn’t change. I want Obama to win the electoin though. Womens rights is another big thing in the election. Kids like obama way more than McCain. The parents like Obama and McCain so it will be a good election.

book review.

I read a book called The Mummy’s curse. By Daniel Cohen, its a great book. It talked about Ameli Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan. Did you know that her trip around the world wasn’t a real trip. She was a undercover spy, to spy on the chinese. They beleave that the only reason they lost contact with her was because she was shoot down! They never heard from her agan. Thats my book review thanks for reading it! 

My Analogy

My analogy is about my brother. He is like a bull, when he gets mad he go’s crazy. He has a very short temper when he gets angry he doesn’t listen to anyone. He can be fun sometimes when we play football i destroy him. That’s my analogy.

weekend football games.

Msu vs Michigan. It was a great game but MSU won! Javon Ringer had 194 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Javon is deffintitly going into the nfl. He is number 3 for the heismen. 

Ohio state vs pennstate pennstate won but   just barly  ohio   state     fumbled in the fourth qarter Pennstate picked it up and ran it in for a touchdown. I wanted Ohio state to win but they didnt.

 The running back for grand ledge James Jackson is going to Ohio state next year. He will probely be red shirted, that means they are going to hold him ontil the next season.

Who do you want for president?

Who do you want for President? I want obama, because the way he plans to do things caught my attention. I agreed with him when he talked about taking the soilders out of iraq. Mccain want’s to keep the war going but why, he hasent given a good reason to. But they didnt talk about how they would help with education problems. Leave me comments on who you want to win the election 2008-2009.

My Favorite Sport?

My favorite sport is basketball.I am really good at basketball its fun. When you make a basket and the crowd is chearing you on! I play piontguard its fun because you make the most points. Basketball is the best sport i think! Basketball is a team effort, if you want to win everyone has to do their job.